MusicalMe Images Tutorials


MusicalMe Tutorial #1: Getting Started

An introductory on how to load an image and create sound.

MusicalMe Tutorial #2: Using Auto-Play

Learn how to get the most out of the MusicalMe Auto Play feature.

MusicalMe Tutorial #3: 

Background Chords

Learn how to modify the background chords.

MusicalMe Tutorial #4: Selecting Sound Short

An introductory tutorial to sound selection.

MusicalMe Tutorial #5: Detailed Sound Selection

An in depth look at how to get the most our of sound selection/mixer

MusicalMe Tutorial #6: 

Recording and Sharing

Learn how to record your masterpiece and share with friends.

MusicalMe Tutorial #7: Changing Keys

Learn how to change the key, or tuning of MusicalMe Images.

MusicalMe Tutorial #8: Using Scales and Modes

Use Scales and Modes of Musical me to really stir things up.

MusicalMe Tutorial #9: 

Advanced Features

Discover two advanced features for added complexity.

MusicalMe Tutorial #10: Using the In-App Tutorial

Within MusicalMe Images is a step by step tutorial for every feature.

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