MusicalMe Slide Show   




“A new slide show app, where every image strikes a chord!”

“Enjoy soothing, meditative music played with the various colors of your personal photos.”

“A whole new way to enjoy your photo albums!”



MusicalMe Slide Show is an easy to use app designed to allow users listen to a musical soundtrack to the photos and images in their device.

What sets MusicalMe Slide Show apart from other photo apps? With this app you’re not simply listening to music from your library, you are actually allowing the app to create a unique musical soundtrack based upon the colors of your image, along with a corresponding 3D visual ripples on the image.

Experience relaxing and meditative calm while viewing your personal photo libraries.

To experience the unique sound of MusicalMe Slide Show, download MusicalMe Images for free and listen to the first preset, "Meditation".



             -Choose an image or photo from any of your libraries.

             -MusicalMe will play your slide show along with unique custom music.

             -Choose the speed of the photo show.

             -Choose the speed of the 3D ripple effects.

             -Choose any of six predesigned custom presets, or set the random sound generator.

             -Choose one of three slide transition styles.

             -Choose one of three soothing background sounds (River, Ocean or Crickets).

             -Set a sleep timer that will play the show for your desired length of time as you drift off.




            -Slide Show Speed

            -Auto Play Speed

            -Random Sound Generator

            -Slide Transition Style

            -Background Sound

            -Sleep Timer

            -In-App tutorial


MusicalMe: Reminisce, Relax and Reflect.


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