Our Motion into Music Apps

Use motion to create virtual instruments


Be the rock star you always wanted!

You can play keyboards like a pro!

Be your own symphonic instrument!

Travel the world with a plethora of sounds.

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And for Halloween or just to scare your friends!

And using the Leap Motion Controller:

MusicalMe Images Mac for Leap Motion.   Use your hands and the Leap Motion Controller to play the colors of any image in three dimensions.

Click on photo for detailed information.

MusicalMe Instruments Line of Apps:

With these apps you can use your device as a motion controlling virtual instrument.  As you hold your phone in portrait mode and tilt the device up or down you can play musical notes in scales and chords.

Each app has between 16 and 20 unique and exciting sounds.  Be the musician you always wanted to be by just moving your phone!