MusicalMe Images Mac Leap Motion  


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Copyright @2013 by uSOUNDit Partners LLC - Patent Pending

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MusicalMe Images Mac

Every image strikes a chord! Now with the Leap Motion Controller, your hands can interact with images and chords in all three dimensions!

Designed for the Leap Motion Controller, MusicalMe is now available on Mac OSX. Using one or two hands, you can create music from the colors of the image. Based upon patent pending technology, MusicalMe allows users to bring out their creativity and express their inner musician.

Experience the rush of playing composer in three dimensions!


  1. Use any photo or image from the documents on your Mac.

  2. Play a wide array of tones by moving your hands in front of the screen. Each color represents different tones generated by our algorithms.

  3. Fingers and hands closer to the screen play louder notes. Those farther away produce softer tones.

  4. Adjust the background chord that is played by a hotkey or making a clockwise circle with a finger.

  5. Chord will play until hands are removed from playing area or change keys, scales or chords.

  6. Use the Controls menu to change the keys, scales, chords and the touch sensitivity.

  7. Play notes or chords with one hand, while using the other hand to change keys, scales and chords. Be truly ambidextrous!

  8. Turn the Music Assistant on or off. Off mode gives you the full spectrum of tones based upon color (but it is not as pretty!).

  9. Use the Sounds menu to edit and rename the six user presets.

  10. Create an addition six custom presets for a total of 12 user presets that you can switch between with hotkeys.

  11. Combine up to nine sounds in each preset (over nine sounds is not recommended).