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First up for MusicalMe is the app MusicalMe Images!


“The next big thing in photo sharing!”

“A new, innovative way to send digital greeting cards!”

“A fun way to play musical composer AND photographer!”


MusicalMe is a fun, creative app designed to allow users to “compose” custom background music to a  photo of their own. 

MusicalMe caters to those who desire a more personalized way to reach out to friends and family. 

What sets MusicalMe apart from other photo sharing apps? Users have the unique ability to record their own background music to a corresponding visual ripple on a photo, and share with everyone!

Experience the creative rush of playing composer and photographer, and sharing your artistic abilities with friends!


-Take a photo via the camera on your iPad, iPhone, or iPhone Touch or customize an image from your library.

-Play a wide array of tones by touching various colors on your image.

-Adjust the background music’s sustain, and the pattern of the moving visual effects.

-In free version select from two user presets or upgrade for dozens of “User Touch” sounds, auto play and background chords.

-Use the “Mixer” option to adjust all the selected sounds’ levels.

-Create custom background music “Presets”, which users may easily apply to a photo.

-Adjust the key, scale, and tempo of your background music.

-Play with the touch sensitivity, and “3D Loudness Algorithm”, to give your music a touch that’s unique to you.

-Record your background music and SHARE!


-Background Sound/Chord

-Auto Play/ Stop Sound


-Auto Play Direction

-Stop Method

-Sound Selection






-Touch Sensitivity

MusicalMe; Smile, Create, Share.

Pro Version

$2.99 US


Free Version

offers in-app



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