Ambiance by MusicalMe   


Need to relax? Meditate? Or need help drifting off to sleep?

With Ambiance, you can create beautiful soundscapes by selecting lanterns that hang in a sound garden between two trees on multiple screens. Once selected, they sway in the breeze as leaves gently fall.

Once you've selected up to 10 different sounds or instruments, Ambiance by MusicalMe will generate an original musical composition based on your sound selections. This isn't just a series of looping sounds, but a unique new work created from your choices.

You have up to 60 sound choices including wind, rain, storms and beautiful instruments such as classical guitar, zen bell, harp or even chanting monks.

Explore the provided six presets or create as many custom presets as you wish, give them a unique name, and save them to the presets.

The app is also AirPlay enabled and using the graphical equalizer you can customize the sound to your AirPlay environment and use the apple remote to scroll through your presets and play/pause the soundscape.

There is also a clock and a sleep timer function.

Full Feature List:

- 60 user sounds

- 5 sound types: (Melody, Soundscape, Strums, Chords, Bass Notes)

- Adjust overall main volume

- Adjust volume for each of your individual sound choices

- Clock mode with different photo choices and dimmer

- Sleep Timer that fades music for the last 30 seconds

- Six user presets and unlimited nameable custom presets

- a 10 band graphical EQ for precise sound optimization

- AirPlay enabled

- Social network / share with friends

- User tutorial (info)

- Play/pause button

- Clear all sound choices

With Ambiance by MusicalMe you can create your own musical soundscape that is entirely unique to you.


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